Repeat Their Sounding Joy – Music from a Wyresdale West Gallery

Repeat Their Sounding Joy – Music from a Wyresdale West Gallery’ was recorded in The Shepherd’s Church, Over Wyresdale in 1998-1999. The CD features sacred music from the Winder manuscripts and John Rhodes’ manuscript book, all of which were used in Wyresdale in the first half of the nineteenth century and which remain there to this day, and Robert Bradley’s Psalm Chant book which is in Lancaster Library.

Repeat Their Sounding Joy - Music from a Wyresdale West Gallery

Track Listing
Stocks – (Leach) “My soul praise thou the Lord” (Ps146OV)
Overton Tune – H.Boyd “When thee O God the waters saw” (Ps 77)
Sunderland Tune – R.Harrison “The wicked shalt thou slay” (Ps 139NV)
Hornby Tune – “How high thy justice soars” (Ps 71NV)
Abbeystead Tune – “Though wicked men grow rich” (Ps 37NV)
Funeral Hymn – J.Green “Naked as from the earth we came” (I Watts)
Brisk Anthem – “”O give thanks unto the Lord”
Easter Hymn – “Jesus Christ is ris’n today”
Apleton – J.Stephenson “If angels sung a saviour’s birth”
Cow’s Tune – Wm Dixon “From lowest depths of woe” (Ps 130NV)
Wiltshire – J.Stephenson “Through all the changing scenes” (Ps 34NV)
Carlisle – John Moreton “The Lord himself, the mighty Lord” (Ps 23NV)
Psalm 23 – “My shepherd is the living Lord” (Ps 23OV)
Lonsdale – (Corelli) “Blest are the sons of peace”
“While Shepherds watched their flocks” – Wm Knapp
Christmas Hymn – “Arise and hail this happy day”
Joy to the World – Thomas Shoel “Joy to the world, the Lord is come”
Smith’s 117th – John Smith “With cheerful notes let al the earth” (Ps 117NV)
Ipplepen – Caleb Ashworth “Why doth the man of riches grow” (Ps 49IW)

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