A Different Lore – The Antient Psalmody of Cumbria

 A Different Lore – The Antient Psalmody of Cumbria was recorded in 2017 – 2018 and all of the music on the CD is from Cumbrian Sources. We begin in 1739 at Home Cultram, and finish around 1850 at Coniston. Manuscripts from Troutbeck, Watermillock, Martindale, Brampton, Middleton and Skelton have also furnished us with material. The album’s title is from To a Nightingale by the Lakeland Poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

A Different Lore CD cover

Track Listing
Enfield – “How good and pleasant it must be” (Psalm 92)
Sevil  – “Through all the changing scenes of life” (Psalm 34)
Wedding Anthem – “Blessed are they that fear the Lord” (Psalm 128)
Kirkby Lonsdale – “Hark from the tombs a doleful sound” (Isaac Watts)
While Shepherds – “While Shepherds watched their flocks by night”
Comfort – “‘Comfort ye my people’, saith the Lord” (Isaiah ch.40)
Cumberland –  “Praise ye the Lord” (Psalm 111)
Hocton – “With deadly sorrows compassed round” (Psalm 116)
Stonehenge – “Great God, in vain man’s narrow view” (Andrew Kippis)
Galgate – “The Lord did on my side engage” (Psalm 18)
Euphratos – “When we, our weary limbs to rest” (Psalm 137)
Gray’s Elegy – “The curfew tolls the knell of parting day” (Thomas Gray)
Bright Seraphim – “God is our refuge in distress” (Psalm 46)
Psalm 10 – “The wicked swelled with lawless pride” (Psalm 10)
Jubilate Deo – “O, be joyful in the Lord” (Psalm 100)
Milton – “O God, my heart prepared is” (Psalm 108).

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